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Advanced Softball Pitching Drills

An advanced softball pitcher is ready to move onto advanced softball pitching drills. This pitcher will be capable of throwing strikes consistently with both their fastball and change-up and will be ready to start working on movement pitches. The dropball is a good third pitch to learn followed by a curve ball or rise ball.

Throwing Movement Pitches That MOVE!
Learning the movement pitches is one of the toughest things for intermediate to advanced pitches. Use these tips to help you get better movement on your pitches.

Advanced Softball Pitches - The Drop Ball
The drop ball is a great pitch to learn as a third pitch. Now, instead of having to deal with a killer fastball and a much slower change, there is another pitch that drops off the table to contend with.

Softball Pitching Drills - Fielding Your Position
This is a drill that is good for EVERY softball pitcher to work on. Fielding your position is crucial to staying safe and becoming more of a factor on the field. This drill will help pitchers conquer their fear of the ball.

Check back often for more advanced softball pitching drills.

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