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Softball Pitching Drills and Tips

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softball pitching drills

Whether you're a beginning, intermediate or advanced level pitcher, you are going to need to practice softball pitching drills to improve. Use the drills and softball pitching tips on this site to help you move your game to the next level.

This site is intended to help a beginning pitcher get started throwing a fastball and then to move on to other pitchers. There are no recommended timeframes for when to move on to new pitches on this site because all pitchers progress at a different rate.

A beginning pitcher will struggle just to throw a fastball across the plate accurately. As this pitcher progresses to the intermediate level, fastballs become easier and easier. An intermediate pitcher will have the fastball down and will be ready to work on a change-up as well as locations with the fastball and change-up.

The advanced pitcher will be able to consistently throw the fastball and change-up and will be working on movement pitches. There is no set age as to when to start a pitcher on advanced pitches. I have seen 12-year olds that have 4-5 pitches that all work. I have also seen 14-year olds that are just starting in their fastball. Use the tips and softball pitching drills on this site to help advance from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

Softball Pitching for Beginners
In the beginning, softball pitching drills may seem like busy work and the beginning pitcherften wants to skip to intermediate drills immediately. Those that allow their aspiring pitcher to skip the basics aren't doing them any favors.

Intermediate Softball Pitching Drills
Drills for softball pitchers that have been pitching for a year or two and are comfortable with the basic mechanics. If your pitcher can consistently hit the strike zone with her fast ball and is ready to learn new pitches, these drills will help.

Advanced Softball Pitching Drills For advanced pitchers. These drills are for pitchers who are already skilled pitchers and want to take their game to the next level. Do not work on these softball pitching drills with beginning or intermediate pitchers as bad mechanics may result in injury.

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