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Intermediate Softball Pitching Drills

Practice Makes Perfect - Intermediate Softball Pitching Drills

The intermediate pitcher is ready to start working on speed and power. Use these softball pitching drills to move your game up to the next level:

1. Weighted ball - Use a weighted ball to increase strength and arm speed. Start close to your catcher and throw the ball using only your wrist snap. Throw 10 ten pitches and then move back a couple steps. Throw 5 pitches using just the windmill motion while standing sideways. Move back to the rubber and throw five more. If your arm or shoulder start hurting while doing this drill, stop and come back to it another day.

2. Step-throughs - This is a good softball pitching drill to enforce mechanics and help build power. The pitcher should start three steps behind the pitching rubber. Have her start walking forward toward the pitching mound. On the first step, the pitching arm swings back. The windmill should start during the second step and the pitcher should reach the mound and throw the ball on the 3rd step. This is one of the tougher softball pitching drills to learn but intermediate pitchers should be able to pick it up. Once you get good at have your pitcher increase the speed until they are almost running through the strides.

3. Distance pitches - Have the pitcher start at the pitching mound and throw 3 pitches. Tell them to take 2 steps back and throw 3 more. Focus on good mechanics and let the pitcher know that it's OK if the ball bounces before it gets to the catcher. Keep moving back until the pitcher is barely reaching the catcher and then repeat the process, this time moving in until you get back to the mound. Pitching from the mound all of a suddenly get's a lot easier after having to pitch from behind the mound.

Softball pitching drills like these will help the intermediate pitcher move up to an advanced level. I even have my pitchers combine drill number 2 and 3. I often have one of my pitchers stand at second base and do walk-throughs to increase strength.  

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