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Practice pitching drills year-round with the Jenny Finch Power Mat.

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Softball Pitching Drills Recommended Products

These products are all products that I have either used myself or seen put to use successfully. I don't recommend products that do not work because I know how frustrating it is to purchase something with the hopes it will help make a pitcher better only to find it is a poorly designed rip-off that doesn't work. Here are the products I recommend along with affiliate links through which you can purchase them from Amazon:

Tight Spin Trainer

This handy tool can be used to increase the speed of the spin on movement pitches. It increases wrist strength as well so it can often be used to increase fastball speed too. Advanced pitchers can turn up the tension to increase resistance. The way it works is that a coach or another player holds the TightSpin Trainer in the position where the pitcher would normally put the spin on the all when throwing a pitch. The pitcher then grabs the ball and twists it in the direction the ball should spin. This helps with muscle memory and wrist strength and should be a part of every pitcher's softball pitching drills.

Weighted Softball Set

Weighted softballs can be added to a pitcher's training regime in order to increase strength and speed. Give a pitcher's fastball a little added oomph through use of weighted balls. it is not recommended that you practice movement pitches with weighted balls as the added weight puts extra strain on a pitcher's elbow and shoulder.

Indoor Pitching Mats

You can practice your softball pitching drills year round with these indoor/outdoor pitching mats. They work well in a gym or an indoor practice facility. I recommend the Jenny Finch version over the much more expensive Powerline rubber mat. One of the practice facilities I take my daughter to has the Powerline mats and they are falling apart after about a year.

Tuff Toe Shoe Protectors

Are you tired of purchasing new cleats for your pitcher a couple times a season? Leap and drag style pitchers burn through regular cleats like they're made of paper mache. Purchase these to extend the life of your pitcher's cleats.

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