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Workouts For Softball Pitchers

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This list of workouts for softball pitchers is intended to help increase strength and stamina. These softball pitching drills will help increase stamina as well as pitch speed. Softball pitchers are often asked to pitch multiple games in a day and I've seen pitchers throw as many 5 games over the course of a weekend. While this shouldn't be a regular occurrence, it's important a pitcher has the stamina she needs if asked to throw multiple games.

Here are some workouts for softball pitchers to use to increase both stamina and speed:

1. Practice exploding off the mound. Stand on the mound without a ball in your starting position. Leap forward off the mound, concentrating on getting a good, hard push off the mound. Lightly drag your trailing foot behind you when you leap, making sure at least one foot is in contact with the ground the entire time. Work on closing the gap between your feet quickly after you land. You do not need to use a ball for this drill, as it's intended to work on your legs. Continue with this drill until your legs are tired.

2. Lunges, lunges and more lunges. Lunges are a great exercise to improve leg strength. My daughter's first pitching coach used to love lunges. She had all of her students do lunges at the end of each session to strengthen their legs and build up stamina. If you're not doing lunges, add them to your daily routine and watch how much stronger you feel when pushing off of the mound. Do them until you feel the burn (when you feel it, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about), and then push yourself a little past that point.

3. Distance pitching. Throw from behind the mound. As you get older and stronger. move back even more. I have a 13-year on a team I coach who can throw strikes from 2nd base. Needless to say, she's overpowering from the mound. Don't overdo it with this drill. Make sure you aren't sacrificing mechanics for distance. The wind-up and motion should be the same.

4. Walk-through pitches. Start a couple steps behind the mound. Start walking toward the mound. Start your motion when you get to the mound and throw the ball as hard as you can. When you get this drill correctly it will all be one smooth motion. Your pitches using this technique should be noticeably faster than a normal pitch. Pitchers that are good at this drill will often do it before a game to intimidate the other team. Intimidation aside, it also build arm strength and teaches you to be more explosive.

5. Use of weighted balls is one of my favorite workouts for softball pitchers, with one huge caveat. Proper care must be taken to throw with good mechanics and only throw fastballs. Do not attempt movement pitches with a weighted ball. I like an eight ounce ball and feel that there's too much risk of energy if you go much heavier than that. Do not throw an entire session using a weighted ball. Instead throw it for 10-20 pitches and then switch to a normal ball.

6. Quick pitch. This drill will build up stamina as it pushes the pitcher to the edge of exhaustion. Have a coach with a bucket of balls stand next to the pitcher. The pitcher should pitch the ball, then have another ball handed to her immediately. As soon as the catcher has caught the pitch, she needs to toss the ball she just caught away. The pitcher should pitch again as soon as the catcher is ready. The goal of this drill is to have the pitcher quickly throw 15 to 20 pitches. Let the pitcher rest for a minute or two, then repeat. Keep at it until the pitcher is worn out. The pitcher needs to concentrate on not letting her mechanics get sloppy or bad habits can be picked up from this drill.

Add these workouts for softball pitchers to your daily routines and you'll see better strength and stamina in no time.

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